How to Choose Your Niche

what is your niche

If you are wanting to build a successful website, first you need a niche. Let me start by saying this first, you can absolutely make money online with any niche you choose. In a world full of billions of people, there are people who share your interests, your passions, and/or your problems. They are always looking a product, or a solution.

What is a niche?

A niche is going to be your topic for your website. Think of it as a theme. It can be a hobby of yours. It can be something you’ve always been interested in. It can be something you’re an expert at. Matter of fact, if you find that you have a certain level of expertise in a certain area, I would choose that. It would make it easier on you when it comes time to think of articles to publish.


Narrow Down Your Audience

If you have decided on a topic for your theme, it is time to narrow down your audience. One of the most common problems that people have when it comes to creating websites, is thinking that “bigger is better”. This is not the case when it comes to a niche. You want to be as specific as possible, so that you make sure your site can continue to target a specific audience. You want readers to continue to come back, not just visit once.

For example, say your interest is computers. Computers would target millions of users. However, a person coming to your website looking the newest antivirus software, may not be the same person who would come to your website wanting to see the newest processor for a desktop computer. A person wanting to learn how to design a website, may not be the same audience that wants to learn computer programming. Do you follow me? “Computers” is too broad to be considered a niche. BUT, it’s a good start. From there we narrow it down.


Digging Deeper…

So, what about computers interest you the most? Hardware, Software, Programming? Your best option here is to choose one, and narrow down further. Say you chose “Hardware”. Is it processors you like? Fans? Hard drives? If you chose hard drives, what kind? Do you like HDD, SSD, SATA etc?


You have Found Your Niche

If you wanted to, you could probably go another step and narrow it down to a specific brand, and just focus there. Post new products coming out, or product updates etc. But, for the sake of this article choosing SSD Hard Drives as a niche would be a fine example.

“But the audience is a lot smaller”

Yes. But, your website is SPECIFIC to their needs! They have already done the research in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc looking for SSD Hard Drives if they have found your site. In the end, you have traffic that is specifically looking for what you are offering. These will not be people that come to your website, buy your product or read your 1 article on SSD drives; then vanish forever, because that’s all you ever published about them. Your website will always be specific to a particular product, or component, or field. So any time these people want a new product, or want to read new updates on the product, they now know where to come.


Need Additional Help?

There are communities or forums that are a great place to go, for niche ideas – or how to narrow one down. If you have never heard of Wealthy Affiliate, not only do they have a very detailed course (which is free) on how to choose your niche, they also have a coach to work with you. There are several experts within the community that can offer you feedback on your choice, as well as teach you how to monetize your website.

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Jamin wong - April 30, 2017

It a good explanation of the word “niche”, I too as a beginner, I hardly understand it and start to follow the flow, in the end, I have no idea what to write. Finally, I found out what I am good at it.

    Kevin Holloman - April 30, 2017

    Thank you Jamin. I believe it can be overwhelming for a beginner. That’s why I suggested starting with something that you feel you’re really good at, or really enjoy. That way once you start writing, it all comes together. Thanks for your comment!


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