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If you have ever looked for ways to earn money online, one of the companies you may have stumbled across is Usertesting. I have seen several articles claiming that you can earn up to $30 per hour, by watching videos, or something similar of the sort. So, Does Usertesting work? We all know that you can’t believe everything you read online these days. So, let’s dig in.


What is Usertesting?

With Usertesting, you are the end client. Website owners will pay you to review their sites. All they require of you is to take a short video of yourself. In this video you will describe what it is that you are doing during your review. The test typically lasts about 20 minutes, for which you are paid $10.

They also offer shorter tests, which will pay you a couple of dollars each. Of course these tests are only a few minutes a piece.

Though this will not make you rich, it is certainly not a bad way to earn a little extra money.

How it Works

You will be doing your reviews using an online screen recorder. This is provides to you by Usertesting. There is no equipment that you have to purchase, unless your PC does not have a microphone.

To access some of the jobs, you will need to be screened. Do not worry, this is usually only a few short questions to see if you would be a compatible user.

As you are testing the websites, the owners can see all of your mouse movements etc. It is essentially the same as doing a screen share. Only, you are sharing your ideas and thoughts with the owners themselves.

This gives the owner an idea on how users navigate their website, as well as things they may need to fix or tweak. As a website owner, I have never had anyone test my site, however I can certainly see the benefit in this for a $10 investment.


How to Apply for UserTesting

You can register to become a user tester HERE

Please note that you must be at least 18 years of age. 

You will fill out some information, so they can match you to your preferred types of websites for testing. You will then be issued a test site. You can use either a phone or microphone to do your test sample. Once this is complete, Usertesting will begin sending you matches via email.



  • Free to join
  • Paid 7 days after each test via Paypal
  • Work from anywhere



  • There is a learning curve to the tests
  • Tests are limited. So you have to act quick when a new test is available.


See What Others are Saying

If you would like to get an idea from those who work, or have worked for Usertesting, feel free to visit the site below

Read More UserTesting Reviews



All in all, Usertesting is a legit way to make a little extra cash. I would not expect to make too much. Perhaps anywhere from $50-$200 a month more. There would be much more potential in this, if there were more website owners that had tests available. But, due to only a few tests being posted here and there that may interest you, this really cuts down on how much you could earn.

I’d love to hear your feedback as always. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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