Email Processing Systems – My Review

Email Processing Systems

If you have looked for work from home jobs online. Or, if you have frequented Work from Home groups on Facebook, you have probably seen something similar to this:

In my few short months scrolling around the groups myself, I have seen it over 100 times.

People selling this wonderful opportunity, which will make you a great weekly income.


What is EPS?

Well, it is advertised as an email processing job. The more emails you process in a day, the more money you can make. While 1 email will earn you $25, 8 emails in a day would earn you $200 a day.

So, you can see why this would be a tempting opportunity to get involved with.


So….what IS EPS?

In a nutshell, it is nothing. Completely made up. It is nothing more than a recruiting scheme.

Once you pay your $25 to your sponsor for membership, you are “hired”. Next they will add you to secret Facebook groups. Link you to several websites. Some offer E-Books, some capture pages. They teach you how to PROMOTE this system….

But….didn’t you get hired on to actually DO email processing for up to $200 a day?!?

Sorry to upset you – but you will never actually see a system. At this point your job is to get other people to pay you $25 to join this “opportunity”.


Does it make money?

Unfortunately, yes. There are people that sell this opportunity well. If you have joined EPS, you may possibly do good with it. Just know that what you are advertising isn’t what people think it is. You are essentially promoting a cloud of nothingness. This will not last long without an actual job or product behind it.

You know the old saying…

“What goes up, must come….”


Once people realize that they have been suckered out of money – the idea will plummet….along with the persons reputation. In essence, all you did was charge a person $25 to tell them to copy and paste the same ads that you used to catch them. It’s a hustle.

Save your time and money, and invest it into something much more legitimate. There are several options available, some even FREE.


In conclusion…

There are many, many legit opportunities to make money online. Regardless of age or skill level. Please make sure you research a product, or company well before deciding to take a dive.

As always, I look forward to hearing your feedback. You can leave me your questions or comments below.

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Anthony Adjei - May 9, 2017

Thanks so much for revealing the secret behind this whole thing to us. I will like to join your team and i will need your guidance.


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