How I make an extra $500 a month from home

make 500 dollars a month

If you are reading this I am sure that you, like many could use some extra cash. In this blog post I will tell you how I make an extra $500 a month doing search engine evaluation. But, what if I told you that you could make over $500 a WEEK doing the same exact thing? If you have never heard of, or considered doing search engine evaluation, please let me explain how it works.


What is a Search Engine Evaluation?

When you look something up online with Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. you will notice all of the results that are displayed on the page. All of these results are rated on how well these results would meet what the user is looking; based on what was typed into the Search Bar. Also, the quality and the trustworthiness of the page is rated. That is the job of a Search Engine Evaluator.

There are several companies that offer this type of work. One thing to keep in mind, is that you are not an employee of the company.  Some of these companies will hire you as an independent contractor to work for them. How long you will be working for them depends on how long the project lasts. The company I am with, Raterlabs hires you as a part time employee. It is a big project that I suspect will be around for many more years. The client will review a contractors work each month. Most companies understand that there is a learning curve, so if you don’t come out of the gate with great review scores, do not panic! You are not alone!


How does Search Evaluation work?

Search Engine Evaluation is a series of tasks. These tasks can last 1 minute, or they can last 15 minutes. This is dependent on the task itself.  Once the task is completed, the company is billed. The company can only be billed for the time actually spent completing the task, or the maximum time of the task.

For example, if you complete a 15 minute task in 12 minutes, you charge them for 12 minutes. If you complete a 15 minute task in 17 minutes, you only bill for 15. Of course starting out you will be a little slower. But, I assure you as you get more familiar with the tasks, your times will decrease. The company I work for is Leapforce. At first, one hour per day is all a Search Engine Evaluator can work. As your work shows promise, you are eventually able to work up to 40 hours per week, just like a full time job.


How do companies pay Search Engine Evaluators?

As previously stated, they pay you per task. Every company I have seen pays a certain rate per hour. This would depend on the project you are a part of. I personally make $12.50 per hour. Depending on the company, you will receive your pay either via direct deposit, or Paypal. Leapforce uses direct deposit, and pays once a month. It is up to you to keep up with your tasks and times yourself.


What companies offer Search Engine Evaluation jobs?

There are several companies that offer this type of work. Probably more companies than I know. I will list all of the ones that I am familiar with:

It is important to note that while some of these companies do not mind if you work for other companies, some do. That is because some of them have the same clients. Please make sure to read the Terms of Agreement for the companies for more on this.


In conclusion

Search Engine Evaluation is certainly not for everyone. Nor is it what I would consider “easy money”. It does take time, and dedication as you are an hourly employee. It can also be tricky at times. But, if you are looking a way to make extra income, from the comfort of your home then here is your chance! This by far pays better than any company offering to pay you for surveys, or anything of the sort. It has been a great benefit to me and my family, and I wanted to pass this information along. I hope it can help others the same!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I’d love to hear from you!

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