Is Inbox Dollars a Scam? Read My Experience

Inbox Dollars

Like many people, when I first decided to start looking for ways to make money online, surveys was one of the first options I come across. I remember reading about InboxDollars, and asking myself “Could it really be this easy?” Continue reading for my conclusion.

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is a website primarily known for having paid surveys. The more surveys that you complete, the more money you can make. Sounds simple enough, huh?

There are other ways you can earn money through InboxDollars, such as referring others to the site, or playing video games etc. But, their biggest marketing is towards the money you can make sitting at home, doing surveys all day.

How it works

Basically you are given a series of survey questions, in which supposedly your answers would qualify you for specific types of surveys. Though this is true, it wasn’t exactly that easy to.

I filled out my answers, and then patiently awaited to see what I had qualified for . Now, this is where the fun would begin for me. Upon logging in, the website looked similar to this:



So I noticed the lists of surveys, and as you can see, they do not pay much money at all. Notice the one above that states 20 minutes, and pays you 50 cents. But, I will still optimistic, so I gave it a shot.


What I found

Each survey that you would take would only continue if they liked your answers. I would get 10 minutes into one, and then be disqualified. So, I would start again – this time getting 5 questions in, then be disqualified. It was a continuous loop, that ate away so much time in an evening, and looking back I don’t even know that I made the first dime.


My Final Thoughts

I can’t say that InboxDollars is a “scam“. However, I can guarantee that you will never achieve any real money from it at all. There are a lot better ways to make money, and it be worth your time.

If you enjoy taking surveys, and have plenty of time to kill – then this may be right down your alley, and you can join here for free.

If you’d like to know how I make money online – then be sure to check out my

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