Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate? My Experience

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Is Wealthy Affiliate legitimate, or just another scam?

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website URL:

Pricing: Free membership <Click Here>

Premium membership $49/month or $359/Year ($19 First month if you act now) <Click Here>

Year Founded: 2005

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Who’s it for: Beginner to Expert

My rating (scale 1-10): 9

Before you read any further

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, this is another site that praises Wealthy Affiliate, so I will sign up, and they can earn commission off of me.

Sound close?

Well, not exactly.

See, Wealthy Affiliate is where I started when I first decided to pursue Internet Marketing, and blogging.

At this present time, I am no longer affiliated with them. However, I do owe A LOT of credit to them, for me knowing what I do now.

I learned the basics, and then some from being a premium member with them.

At times, I still wish I would have stayed a member.

So in short, this is an article to help you – not for me to profit.

Since I am no longer a member, even though my sign up links are still active, I do not receive commission.

This is an absolute 100% honest review


Wealthy Affiliate Introduction

Wealthy Affiliate is a business building platform, designed towards helping anyone create a successful business. Or,  if you are looking ways to grow your current business, they can help there too. There are approximately 850,000 members at the time of this post in the community.During the initial account creation, they unlock everything to give the user the “try before you buy” feel. One thing I particularly liked about this product, is the fact that the member could stay completely free for as long as they choose, if that package was suitable to their needs. There is no “force” to upgrade or “Free 30 day trial” type feel to it. The decision is 100% up to the member.


Who is it for?

Wealthy Affiliate is targeted towards all marketers or entrepreneurs. If you have a hobby or an interest, Wealthy Affiliate can make this a successful business for you. It does not matter if you are a brand new beginner to the world of technology, or an expert. The website is laid out as simplified as any platform could ever be, with all of the tools and detailed step by step instructions and videos.


The difference between Free Membership and Premium

I have attached a chart illustrating the differences between the two memberships. If the free membership will work for you, you can remain free for a lifetime.

Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate


Live Training

Every week Wealthy Affiliate puts on a live training webinar, covering a different topic. I personally think this is great. You have an expert covering a specific topic, detailing it step by step. Literally telling you what you should and should not do. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve personally learned from these webinars, and then incorporated these things into my own website.

Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate livetraining


Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

  • Getting Started Training – This training course will walk you through steps or “phases”, from picking your niche, to building the initial framework.
  • Communication with the owners – This is a huge deal. I have personally spoke to Kyle on more than one occasion. This is near about unheard of, even in a 9-5 job.
  • 13+ Interactive Classrooms – This ensures you get the most accurate response to your questions, as quickly as possible
  • 2 Free Websites – The starter membership comes with 2 WordPress websites, with professional themes to start. Upgrading to Premium gets you 50 websites.
  • Free Hosting – There is no need to pay a hosting company for your websites, Wealthy Affiliate provides all of this to you at no extra cost
  • Live and Interactive Support – No matter the time of day or night, there are experts available to help answer your questions.
  • Spam Free Environment  – You do not have to worry about spamming within this community. They are really secure and strict on this. This is a big deal all in itself.
  • 100’s of video tutorials – Never have I seen a platform offer so many training videos that walk you step by step through just about anything you could name.

Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate

Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate


Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

  • Amount of information  – Now, this is most definitely more of a pro than a con. It can be a little overwhelming for a beginner, the amount of information that is actually available. However, as long as you take it step by step through the training, this will not be an issue. I would not recommend jumping around the website much unless you are an expert, until you become more familiar and comfortable with the way everything works. Again if you have any questions, this is where the community comes into play.
  • Some features only available as Premium member – Now, this is a business. So, it is to be expected. After your first 7 days of Premium trial are up, you will lose a lot of the training phases, and the communication methods are restricted, such as no private messaging.
  • Owned Domains do require purchase – There is nothing wrong with SiteRubix domains. They will still rank in the search engines. But, if you are wanting a cleaner personal domain that you own, you do have to pay for it. Typically $13-$15 a year.
  • You have to remain a member to keep commissions – Once you ever upgrade to Premium, they do not allow you to return to a starter membership. So if your subscription goes inactive, so does your commission.


Want to hear what others have to say?

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Final Verdict

To date, Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best business platform that I have tested. Not only does it provide the most out of a platform, it provides all of this at no cost. As mentioned earlier, there is more to offer for paid memberships. However, what I have listed comes standard at no cost to the user. It would be extremely tough to find another platform so diverse, and even if you did, I assure you there would be a cost to such. Wealthy Affiliate seems to truly want to see everyone succeed. In a world fueled by competition, it’s great to see that companies like this still exist.

To me the biggest downfall, is once upgrading to Premium, they do not allow you to downgrade. My advice would be, if you ever start earning commissions, keep the Premium membership. $49 a month isn’t bad, when you can generate several thousands of dollars a month from it. It’s certainly worth it in my opinion.

It has been my experience in Affiliate Marketing, that when starting out, you are going to pay money one way or another. Rather that be courses, memberships, coaching etc. So, why not stick with a platform that trains you, AND pays you?

If you’d like to give Wealthy Affiliate a shot, you have nothing to lose.


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