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Google Adsense

In the world of Affiliate Marketing, one of the most popular methods of earning money is by using Google Adsense. Perhaps you have heard of this, even if you are not into Internet Marketing at all. It is one of the oldest online advertising networks still around.

I actually suggested it as a way to monetize your website in my previous article How to Make Money Blogging – For Beginners.

In this article I will show you why it’s so popular, and how to make money from Adsense.


But first, for those who have never heard of it….

Why Google Adsense?

There are many reasons that website owners incorporate Google Adsense into their sites.

  • It’s free for  publishers
  • Easy to use
  • High payouts
  • No minimum traffic requirements
  • Works for content sites, games, videos, mobile and search products
  • Owned by Google (can’t hurt when trying to get your site ranked, huh?)

So as you can see, Google Adsense has a lot of flexibility in the way it can be used.  Pair this up with being free for publishers, and it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

The only downfall to Google Adsense, is the customer service. For those who have ever tried to reach Google, you know that it can be near about impossible.


How to Make Money From Adsense

how to make money from adsense

Google Adsense uses a PPC format; also known as pay per click. The more people who click on your ad, the more money that you make.

In the case for publishers, they receive 68% of the revenue, while Google gets the other 32%.


If an advertiser pays $1 for a click, the publisher will make 68 cents from this. Google will make 32 cents.

==Please note that not every ad will be worth $1 per click.  The cost per click is actually defined by using an auction style system. But, this gives you an idea of how the money is split.==

If you have a site with a good amount of traffic, this can add up to some pretty decent pay days. Please do not confuse this with a get rich quick scheme. Google Adsense will not make you rich, but it can pro


What Kind of Ads Can You Run?

Google Adsense offers a variety of flexibility when it comes to advertising. Which is another thing that makes it so great to use.

If we take a look at the website TheBalance  they have an article entitled Make Money With Google Adsense

Taken from their website below, you see how many ways you could implement Google Adsense:

“Google offers a variety of ad types to run on your website: 

  • Text ads use words, either as an Ad Unit (one offer) or a Link Unit (list of offers), and come in a variety of sizes. You can customize the color of the box, text and link.
  • Image ads are graphic ads. They come in a variety of sizes. You can choose an option that mixes both text and image ads.
  • Flash
  • Video
  • Rich media ads include HTML, Flash or other interactive feature. 
  • Audio
  • AdSense for Search allows you to have a Google search box on your site. When a user enters a term and conducts a search, a search results page opens with AdSense ads. You can customize the color scheme of the search results page to harmonize with your web site.”


 Video Tutorial

If you are more of a visual person, then here is an excellent video showing you just how simple it is to set up Google Adsense on your website.  This video details each step one by one, from start to finish.



What’s Needed From You

Since you now have an idea on how Google Adsense works, and how money is made – it is time to talk about what you’ll need.

  1. A lot of content on your website – This can be videos, written content, images etc. But, Adsense loves to see a lot of content. It is actually more suitable for websites that contain a lot of written articles, even though it will work with others.
  2. Traffic – Since you are making your earnings through each click, this is not possible without a steady stream of traffic. If you aren’t even getting a few hundred visits a day to your site, I would have off on Adsense until you are. Still, it would work best if your traffic is targeted traffic. So you know they have an interest in what you have to offer.
  3. Your website needs to be high quality – What I mean by this is, Google loves to rank you based on how helpful or useful your content is. If your writing is detailed and helpful, it is considered high quality. Small or unhelpful articles are considered low quality. Remember, the purpose is to make money off of the ads, you want to give your readers something worth reading.
  4. You must comply with Adsense Policies – This is very important. Adsense accounts for 25% of Googles revenue. And you want a piece of that pie, correct? So, it is important that you stay within their policies. My recommendation would be to read their policies thoroughly before signing up. You can find them here: Adsense Program Policies


Final Thoughts

Google Adsense is still a very effective way to make money. Even though at this time, I do not use it for this website, I have in the past on other sites. One thing I would like to tell you to keep in mind is this:

If you have a blog, or a website that you solely depend on readers – do not overdue it with the Adsense ads. Reason being, when a reader clicks the ad, they are taken away from your website. You want visitors to engage with your site, by reading your material. While Google Adsense does provide some good additional income, think to yourself “Less is more”.

As always I would appreciate your feedback. Please leave all of your questions or comments below.

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Jackie - July 1, 2017

Very informative. I am a begginer and slightly struggling so thank you for sharing

    Kevin Holloman - July 1, 2017

    Thank you, Jackie! It is a lot of work at the beginning. But, once you get everything up and going, it all sort of works. Practice makes perfect! Thanks for the comment 🙂

Melissa - July 1, 2017

Just started off my blog. This was very informative!

    Kevin Holloman - July 1, 2017

    Glad I could help, Melissa. I also have another article entitled “How to Make Money Blogging – for Beginners”, that you may find useful 🙂

Charlsye - July 1, 2017

Great info. Gotta remember this for when my new blog gets a little bigger. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Courtney - July 1, 2017

This was so helpful! Wish it was there when I first added Adsense. So many helpful tips

Zainab - July 2, 2017

Great article. I am thinking of affiliates and ways to
Make money but I’m only starting out and need to focus on growing my readership to my audience first ( culture travel) but when I’m ready for Adsense I’ll come back here for reference!

    Kevin Holloman - July 2, 2017

    Hey Zainab! Thanks for your comment. It seems like you’re on the right track. Figure out who you want your audience to be, and how you can best serve them. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

Karin - July 2, 2017

I would love to know how to put it into the left side column of my WordPress.org site. I’m baffled and have been trying for about a month!

    Kevin Holloman - July 2, 2017

    Hello Karin. WordPress.org is a little different than the WordPress theme that I have. They all differ a little. Typically, you would add a text sidebar widget, and then copy and paste the html source code into the box.

Meghan - July 2, 2017

Very helpful article. Thanks.

Angelica - July 2, 2017

Great information! I’m going to bookmark this until I get hugger traffic. Thanks!

Rachel - July 3, 2017

Great post! I am using Adsense on my blog, and its weird that I only see the ads on mobile but not on my desk top. I don’t have ad blocker on too!!

    Kevin Holloman - July 3, 2017

    Hey Rachel, thanks for the kind words! That’s odd indeed about you only being able to see your ads on mobile! When’s the last time you cleared your cache on your desktop? That should do the trick. ?


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