Morfix Review – Is it Worth it?



What is Morfix?

Morfix is an Instagram Automation tool. Basically, it’s a hack.  The purpose behind it is to add more followers to an Instagram account. Through out this process you are supposed to engage the people, and make a sell. For every sign up you get, you get $20 recurring payment every month.


The Features

Morfix is not without its fair share of features. Some of them include:

  • Auto Likes /Comments
  • Auto Follow/Unfollow
  • Direct Messages Followers Automatically 
  • Scheduled Posts

Which features you get is dependent on which package you decide to purchase. They do have a 7 day trial, that is how I started out. Below are their available packages.



My Experience

I started with the Free Trial – then was convinced to upgrade to Pro.

What I found was, I did in fact gain followers; many actually. I went from around 420 followers to over 800. However, many of the followers were Indian or Arabic – there was a strong language barrier, and many wanted to pitch me their business deals.

Most of them wanted follows back. If you did not automatically do that, they would unfollow you within a day or two.

Now to give the program credit, it did do all it said it would do. There were guidelines that you were supposed to follow on how to engage with new followers etc – to get sign ups. I did not push it very hard, and I did not get any at all. Does that make it a scam? Absolutely not. I know some that are doing well for themselves with it.


Final Thoughts…

If you have a huge presence on Instagram, then maybe you could be very successful with it. If you do not have a strong following, or are not could at encouraging people to sign up to a monthly payment, I would not suggest this.

However, at this time I would not label this as a scam. I was never ripped off, and when I chose to deactivate my account, they honored my wishes.

I’d love to hear your feedback! So, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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