The Conversion Pros Review – Does it Work?

The Conversion Pros Review

The Conversion Pros Review

In a time where many companies offer to get you leads,  it is hard to separate the good, bad and the ugly. I am hoping my The Conversion Pros review can help solve the problem for you! Here is my unbiased review, along with my experience using TCP.

Let’s dig in…

Product Overview

Product Name: The Conversion Pros


Owner: David Dubbs

Membership pricing: $1 7 Day Free Trial $50/month after

Overall Ranking: 7.5

What is The Conversion Pros?

The Conversion Pros, or TCP – is a training membership site. It includes several online training tools for both Affiliate Marketing and MLM level businesses alike.  Aside from many lead companies, TCP claims that these are not “clicks”, but legitimate leads that opt into business opportunities.

The Conversion Pros Banner

Oddly enough, even though the image taken directly from their website claims to have a “guarantee”, I was unable to find one.  They do have a 30 day Refund Policy – however this is not the same.

The Conversion Pros Tools

The Conversion Pros offer a wide variety of tools in their packages. It is convenient I agree to have them all there together in one place. But other than that, there are several free tools that you could use that do the same thing. Here is an image of all of their available tools:

The Conversion Pros Tools

Just off the top of my head, I know there are free options for

  • Email Auto Responder
  • Blog Creator 
  • Tiny URL Creator.

Now, I must admit that I was a fan of the Capture Page. It was easy to use, and the end product I was impressed with. I was part of a MLM business at the time, and was wanting leads for people who wanted to become travel agents. In a matter of minutes, I designed the following Capture Page

The Conversion Pros Capture Page

Can you make money with The Conversion Pros?

The Conversion Pros do offer 50% commissions .  They are paid on 3 different levels. Any direct referrals will land you $20.  2nd level referrals were worth $3 and 3rd level referrals were worth $2.

Altogether this would be half of your membership price.

My thoughts on The Conversion Pros

I think this product has a lot to offer. Again, some of the tools you can find for free. But, it doesn’t hurt that this puts all the “bells and whistles” into a nice little package. I do however feel like since this is based mostly around its ability to produce leads, that it is more suitable for MLM businesses than Affiliate Marketing.

Also again, it is misleading to claim guaranteed leads, but a guarantee be nowhere to be found.

So if you are a big fan of Network Marketing – the cost is a little high, but it is legit and does come with a 7 day trial. I’d say go for it if you choose.

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