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Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Anybody that knows anything about building websites, know that search rankings matter. If no one can find your page, then you are not going to get any traffic. So, how do you get ranked in search engines you ask? One of the most important ways, is using quality keywords. At one point, trying to find keywords that search engines liked was a VERY tedious task. Today, the process has been simplified. In fact, it is so simple, even a beginner can do it. This is where Jaaxy comes in!

Introducing Jaaxy


Jaaxy is what I, and many people consider to be the #1 Keyword Tool available today. Keyword tools of the past provided many confusing numbers and metrics. Jaaxy simplifies that. It shows you the basic, yet most important information you need:

  • Query searches on a monthly average
  • How many average hits you would get via traffic
  • How many competition pages you would face
  • Your Keyword Quality Indicator
  • Your SEO scale with those keywords (1-100)


How I Create Domains with Jaaxy

I am going to give you an example, using a domain that I actually purchased below.

Last year, while Black Friday shopping, I seemed to notice one of the “crazes” was Virtual Reality. People were chasing the Playstation VR, and the Samsung VR. So, when I started researching what I felt were profitable niches for 2017, it was no surprise to see Virtual Reality listed as one of them.


So, what is the screenshot showing me?

If you look at the top of the page, you will notice I entered “Review VR headsets”. This was to give me a feel of how many people type this EXACT query into search engines. (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc).

AVG -As you can tell, 120 people search this on average each month. This is a great start.

Traffic – This shows me that if I was on the first page of a search engine, that it would get 21 hits a month on average. That’s 21 potential sales, every single month. Not to mention the numbers would grow if there was a website dedicated to people searching specifically for this.

QSR – This is how many competitive pages there are on the internet right now, with the exact same keywords. You want to be under 300, ideally under 200. This one only has 25. SCORE!

KQI – This is Keyword Quality Indicator. Jaaxy handles this in a “stop light” method. Green means it is great. Yellow means it is ok, and red means it is not good. As you see, this is green.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. On a scale of 1-100, how well would this work based on traffic and competition. The higher the score, the better. This is an ace.

Domains – As you can tell, when I took this screenshot I was under the free trial of Jaaxy. But, upgrading to Pro allows you to see what domains are available. (.com, .org, .net etc.)


So what’s next?

I am not a fan of buying domains that are not .com domains. That is not to say that .org or .net domains are not successful, there are many that are. In this case, was available, and I had all the info in a matter of seconds to make an informed decision. This is an example of the power that Jaaxy lays at your fingertips. It takes so much of the “guess work” out of your hands, and gives you a big advantage right from the start. There are many many other features that Jaaxy also comes with. But, for the sake of this article, this is all that is pertinent.



If you are considering starting a website of your own, I can not recommend Jaaxy enough. It is a free sign up, and allows you 30 FREE searches. If you are interested, you can click below to begin your trial.

I would also like to note that I learned how this works from THIS video here. Jay is an expert in niches, and this part 1 of 4 study was an incredible example of that.

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