What is ClickMagick, and Do You Need It?

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As a marketer, you should always be looking ways to increase your profit.

One of these ways, is by using tools to help scale your business.

Today, I want to introduce you to probably one of the most important, and AFFORDABLE tools; ClickMagick.

What is ClickMagick you ask? Well, let’s dive into that further….

What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is a tracking tool. The purpose of this tool is for you to traffic almost every aspect of your business.

This is a vital part of marketing. Even if you are having a ton of conversions, without tracking, it doesn’t mean you still aren’t losing money somewhere.

ClickMagick is used as a way for you to monitor what kind of traffic you are getting. For example with solo ads, you can’t always go by what the seller tells you.

This tool allows you to see for yourself that you are indeed getting what you paid for.


ClickMagick Features

ClickMagick has several features, which will help to grow your business.

The below chart shows you all ClickMagick offers compared to other trackers.

what is clickmagick comparison chart

We will review some of these features a little more.


Link Cloaking

ClickMagick gives you the ability to cloak your links, using your own website name.

This is good for a few reasons.

  1. Your reader doesn’t see your ugly, long, unattractive affiliate link. Many times this looks spammy, and a reader will be terrified to click it.
  2. From an SEO standpoint, Google does not like to index affiliate links. They prefer sharp, clean URL’s

So, to satisfy both the reader, and the search engine – I advise to always cloak your links.

If you would like to see this in action, the below video shows you how easy this is.


Link Rotators

Another very powerful feature that ClickMagick offers, is the use of rotators.

Basically this means that you can use one link, but the customer who clicks can arrive at a different destination URL.

This is extremely effective if say, you were selling traffic to your email list, from more than one buyer.

The rotator would rotate which reader gets which link for you.

There are 4 available modes within ClickMagick

  • Random
  • Fulfilment
  • Spillover
  • Sequential

They each have a different function as how they send out the links. You can test which is the most effective way for your business.



This is perhaps one of the best features in my opinion of ClickMagick.

The MagickBar allows you to add a bar at the top or bottom of your webpage.

This will stay there until the user manually closes it.

This can be an image, a timer, a video etc..whatever you’d like it to be.

This is a highly effective strategy that is known to increase opt-ins.

If you want to see a cool example, click this review where the author even cloaked Wikipedia!

User Cloaks Wikipedia Page

As stated in the article, this is perfectly legal – and gives you INSANE opportunity!


Auto Traffic Bot Filtering

ClickMagick also has a way to automatically filter out your bot traffic.

This is VERY important.

For one, it ensures you that the stats that you are tracking are as accurate as possible.

Another reason, if you are using a solo ad vendor, it ensures that you are getting exactly what you paid for.

All ad vendors can’t be trusted, regardless of what they tell you. You want to make sure that if you are supposed to be getting 90% Tier 1 traffic, that you are.


Split Test Winner Alerts

Marketing is all about split testing.

ClickMagick has an alert feature that will go off, notifying you of when there is a clear split test winner.

This way you know which way is working the best, and you can stop spending any excess money on the one not working as well for your business.

This either increases your profits, or allows you to put that extra money into what’s working best – ultimately increasing profits that way as well.

It’s a win win.


Scarcity Countdown Timers

You want to increase opt-ins correct? Well, a proven tactic to do that, is countdown timers.

A reader is on the fence about joining, or purchasing something – but they are not 100% set on it.

Adding a countdown timer creates a response. The customer/reader feels that if they do not react, then their chance at the deal may vanish forever.

This is another strategy proven to increase conversions.


ClickMagick Pop-ups

ClickMagick also gives you the ability to use 4 different types of pop-ups on your website.

Yet another way to increase conversions or opt-ins.

Pop-ups have been around since the beginning of the internet.

Even if a lot of people consider them annoying, when used correctly – they are highly effective.


Facebook and Google Analytics Compatible

It’s only right when talking about a tracking tool, that it work with the largest search engine, and social media platform available.

ClickMagick easily integrates with both of these, when you want to use them for conversion tracking.

This will prove to be highly effective when it comes to retargeting.


ClickMagick Cost

This is where your jaw drops.

How much would you expect this to cost you?

How much would it cost you to own all the tools, that do all of these things individually?



Most likely. But get this…

what is Clickmagick price

what is clickmagick monthly

NEVER will you find a tool that is this effective, has this many features, can increase your opt-ins, conversions, profits etc…

And the cost be this cheap!

If you own a business, you are probably using several much more expensive tools, to do all of these things for you – or half of what ClickMagick does!

Why not make the change?!?

Not only do they offer a 14 day FREE trial..

They offer a Money Back Guarantee!

Ready to act now?



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