What is Yoonla? An Inside Look

what is yoonla

**UPDATED on 10/16/2017**

(My update will be in red)

‘Yoonla is a fairly new product out, with an impressive affiliates program if I must say so myself. However, I find myself getting asked “Is Yoonla a scam?”, or “Is Yoonla legit?” a lot in my inbox.

So to clear this up for everyone, I decided I would do my own Yoonla review.

I find it only fair to let you, as the reader know that I am an affiliate of Yoonla. However, I try out many products that do not make the cut. If I am taking the time to write a detailed review on a product, you can rest assured there is promise in it.

So, if you find yourself asking “What is Yoonla“, let’s have a look at what all Yoonla has to offer.


What is Yoonla?

Yoonla is a training platform, which offers you a blueprint on how to become successful in digital marketing. Or, as they like to call it

“Live the digital lifestyle”

It was founded by Digital Entrepreneur Reno Van Boven, who has been very successful online for the last 10+ years.

The main focus behind Yoonla is to give people a way to work less, but earn a substantial income. I have seen several compensation plans, and I have to admit that the Yoonla  compensation plan does impress me.

We will get to their plan later in this review.

If you are looking a CPA affiliate program, then you can not go wrong checking this one out. There is very little to risk.


How Does Yoonla Work?

Yoonla is a CPA program ,meaning they pay you for signups. CPA is also known as “Cost Per Action”.

The purpose of Yoonla is to pay you for leads pretty much. You offer people a free membership. If they sign up, you are paid for the lead.

Now there is a little confusion when it comes to how this works with Yoonla. Hopefully I can clarify this a little bit. It is easy to make money with Yoonla. However, even though you see “free” thrown around quite a bit, it’s not exactly free.

Good news is, it is not really costly at all, and within your first month you should make more than you have put into it.


Levels of Affiliation

There are two levels of Yoonla affiliates. This is where some people get thrown off.

  • Standard Affiliate – With this membership (which is completely free), you are given access to all of the training that Yoonla has to offer. However, you can NOT make money from sign ups.
  • VIP Affiliate – Now with this membership, you are not paying Yoonla. But, you will have to have a domain and hosting, along with an Auto Responder. As a Yoonla VIP you are paid per lead, and your commissions go up if the person was to also become a VIP member.


How Are You Paid?

As a Yoonla VIP member, you are paid between $2-$4 per sign up. How much is dependent on which country your sign ups come from. Their tier 1 countries are:

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Australia.

The remainder of the companies pay $2 per sign up. Still not bad. But, the money comes in if you can make your sign up become a VIP member.

When you have a user sign up to Yoonla, they are offered the VIP option, free. So, this greatly improves your chances. If they decide to upgrade, then your commission goes up to as high as $25 per VIP sign up.

Also, Yoonla offers sub-affiliates, which means if your VIP referrals sign up VIP members also, you can get up to $20 for them as well.

So, it all adds up.


My First Month

I debated on doing this, because results are not guaranteed! However, this shows my first months earnings from Yoonla.

My earnings - what is yoonla

I achieved this by simply running a $5 Facebook ad. As profits went up, I would increase my budget.

I want to let it be known, that I am in no way a Facebook ad expert, if I can do this – so can you!


How Much Did I Make?

You are seeing this in red, because this is my update.

While Yoonla is a legit opportunity, they do not make any money without people converting to VIP.

With that being said, below is how much of that $2410 I was actually paid 

what is yoonla payment proof

As you can see, I got half.

What I personally do not agree with about this, is that the majority of my leads come from the Philippines. This was not an “excluded country”.

However, once they seen that most from this country do not convert, they decide not to pay you for them.

This is not what their website claims! It states that it will not pay for duplicate referrals, fraudulent referrals, or for those that cancel their VIP.

This was not the case for me, however Yoonla decided to decline a lot of this leads anyhow.

With that being said, be careful which countries that you target.

And certainly be careful investing in paid ads for them.

How Much Does the VIP Membership Cost?

As mentioned earlier, you can sign up for the free membership free. But, for it to be effective, and for you to make any money with Yoonla, you’re going to have to invest a little bit.

If you watch Reno’s videos, he will have you believing that you have to buy a few domains, an auto responder, Leadpages etc. All of this adds up quick, and you find yourself not even interested.

Truth be told, this happened to me

Upon signing up, I found myself walking away before I even gave it a chance.

However, all you really have to have is 2 things

  1. Yahoo Business Hosting and Domain – You can pay for this yearly if you’d like, and get a smaller monthly fee. Me personally, any time I try something out, I do the hosting for 1 month only. The downfall with doing this, is that you have to pay for the domain name, instead of getting it free. So, my domain name and hosting was $20.98, and it will be $9.99 a month if I stay monthly.
  2. GetResponse – Yoonla is set up to automate with GetResponse, so this is a must. However, the $15 a month plan for less than 1000 subscribers is sufficient until you get more than 1000 people.

So all in all, the “free” membership cost me $35.98 upon sign up, and will cost me roughly $25 a month thereafter.

However – this cost is NOT for Yoonla! This is the minimal investment you would make period, to have a Digital Marketing business.

With or without Yoonla, you are going to need a website, and auto responder.


How to Get Your Free Setup

One thing I will never do, is lie to my readers. Upon signing up, you will see a message claiming there are only “x” number of free setups available, be sure to claim yours. This is just a way to grab you and make you react. BUT – I did have everything set up for free. When you login, this is the screen you will see:

what is yoonla

Click where it says “Claim your Free Custom Setup by Reno – Click Here”.

==Please note, that setup will take around 24 hours or so==


How Your Site Will Look

There may be some slight differences, but most peoples setup will look virtually the same straight out of the box. I personally purchased the domain name KevinsDigitalProducts and here was the result:

What is Yoonla


Free Traffic Courtesy of Yoonla

Upon your initial setup, Yoonla does drive traffic to one of the 3 products free for you, for 3 days. After 3 days. it is up to you.

In my case, traffic was sent to the Twitter Marketing Excellence page. During this, I did not get any sales, but I did get 16 subscribers to start my GetResponse list. Not huge, but not a bad start.

There is also training inside of Yoonla’s Dashboard that shows you how to continue to drive traffic. (video 5.3) Although there are several ways, Yoonla recommends paid traffic from Udimi.


AutoResponder Emails

Inside of your Yoonla Dashboard, there are already templates laid out for you. Different landing pages, squeeze pages, emails to send out on certain days etc

What is Yoonla

What is Yoonla

Remember earlier when I told you that you didn’t need to drop the money on Leadpages?!?

That’s because between what Yoonla has to offer, and all of the different types of pages you can create with GetResponse, it is not necessary to purchase Leadpages.


How to Market Yoonla

Now there are several different ways to market Yoonla. My suggestion, would be to check out Tim Felmingham, and ask him for his free 2k Method book. Tim is a great affiliate marketer, and is the sole reason I both found Yoonla, and have kept going with it. (Remember I said I almost gave up before I started?)

Tim has never failed to answer any question that I’ve ever had. His 2k method book shows you how he markets Yoonla to make $2000 a month from it. Ironically, I market it the same way.

There is a difference between using Yoonla, and promoting Yoonla.

If you follow the training in Yoonla (which is great btw), you will be using it.

You are driving traffic to one of your 3 product offers, getting the emails of people who decide to act on one, and then using your emails to get them to join.

Personally, I just promote them. I only use my affiliate link, and I drive traffic using Udimi to get them to sign up.

This eliminates anyone who grabs a free product, leaves me an email, but really has no interest in becoming a Yoonla member. Instead, I rather show people the free membership, if they are interested, they sign up right from the start – and I make $2-$4.

Afterwards, I have their emails, and I then try to get them to upgrade to VIP with my follow up emails.

That’s it. That is my exact strategy.

Now, if you already have a big following via social media, or email list, by all means just email your followers/subscribers and let them know about this opportunity. You may not even have a need to use paid traffic at this point.

For those interested, like Yoonla I do use Udimi for paid traffic. You can go HERE to start locating you a seller. Like anywhere, please do your homework on who you decide to try out.


Closing Thoughts

All in all, Yoonla proves to be a very good and lucrative affiliate offer. They offer comprehensive step by step video training, as well as access to Reno (founder) himself within the Yoonla Facebook group. Reno is very active there, and will answer any questions for you that other members can not answer.

If you are interested in joining Yoonla, either for their standard or VIP membership, you can click the link below

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, or comments – please leave them below.

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